Jay Chuppe

painting, drawing, illustrating, other

Paducah, Kentucky

About the Artist

I’ve been a freelance illustrator based in Paducah since 1999. I do a little of everything but mainly specialize in a illustration style with a cartoony flare. I’ve done tee designs and mascots for clients all over the country. I’m also developing my own comic book ideas, and one is a KY based character, The Red Mullet.

About the Work

I mainly sketch traditionally on my sketchbook and/or on my iPad using a program called Procreate. From there I can import my drawings into Photoshop and send files to clients. Basically I can do whatever a client needs whether it’s traditional or digital media.

Kijsa Housman | Artist | Paducah Creative & Cultural Council

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  • Murray State University (Murray, KY

Opportunities Desired

  • Teaching Opportunities
  • Performance Booking
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Mentorship
  • Apprenticeship
  • Commissions
  • Exhibition
  • Art Festivals
  • Corporate Gifts/Wholesale
  • Information on grant funding
  • Art residency programs

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