James Wesley Cole

  • Visual Arts (2D, 3D, fiber arts)
  • Art Education (includes historian/curator)

Hickory, Kentucky

About the Artist

I am self diagnosed ADHD. It results in my creativity that metamorphosis into my art. My one grief is that I never really emphasized enough in one media. This I believe kept me from excelling to the point of being a financially successful studio artist. I was born in Paducah, raised in Symsonia. I think I was born an artist.

About the Work

I like to make things that people says is neat, cool, etc. Unfortunately I compromise to consumer demand and produce mundane bathroom art as well. If it was up to me I would only produce the odd stuff floating around in my head. My art is heavily influenced by comic books, Sci-fi, fantasy , and dark humor.

Paducah Creative & Cultural Council | Anita Rodriguez

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  • Other


  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Sculpture
  • Printmaking
  • Mixed Media
  • Jewelry
  • Wood
  • Illustrator


  • Commissions
  • Exhibitions
  • Art Festivals
  • Corporate Gifts/Wholesale




2111 Tim road
Hickory, Kentucky 42051

(270) 210-9008

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