Allison Purcell


Murray, Kentucky

About the Artist

My name is Allison and I come from a family of creators, mostly in fiber arts. I crochet and sew and do needlecrafts. I do custom work and also sell online and locally at craft fairs, brick and mortar shops, at local art guilds, and at farmers’ markets.

About the Work

Most of my handmade creations are crochet. For yarn creations, I use anything from locally handspun and dyed yarns to yarns from local craft stores. I also like to reclaim and repurpose yarns and fabrics from thrift shops. I collect vintage sewing notions and buttons and incorporate those as well. My creations have been called functional art, because they are often small pieces of colorful fiber that can be used in everyday life to brighten up mundane tasks and bring small joys to everyday activities.

Kijsa Housman | Artist | Paducah Creative & Cultural Council

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  • Murray Art Guild (Murray, KY)
  • Murray State University (Murray, KY)

Opportunities Desired

  • Teaching Opportunities
  • Performance Booking
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Commissions
  • Exhibition
  • Art Festivals
  • Art residency programs


KittenYarn Crafts

PO Box 44, Murray, KY 42071

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