TuTu (Mary Ruth Maggard)


Paducah, Kentucky

About the Artist

Kentucky’s own “TuTu” (Mary Ruth Maggard) works magic using paint sample cards. Her vibrant use of color and shapes immediately takes us back to the playground of childhood.

Born into an Irish Catholic family of nine, her work is a reflection of her colorful childhood. A native of Paducah, she has traveled extensively with her artwork, but mostly she likes to create in her pajamas from a studio in her home on West Jefferson.

About the Work

TuTu constructs her artwork using paint sample cards, cutting, arranging, and designing them into whimsical images of whatever suits her fancy.

Kijsa Housman | Artist | Paducah Creative & Cultural Council

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  • Market House Theatre

Opportunities Desired

  • Commissions
  • Exhibition
  • Art Festivals


TuTu Originals

427 West Jefferson Street, Paducah, KY 42001

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