J Skrilla
aka Love Jones

Performing Arts, Film + Photography, Visual Arts (2D, 3D, fiber arts), Art Education

Paducah, Kentucky

About the Artist

My name is J Skrilla aka Love Jones. I am a professional writer, musician, performance artist and storyteller. I have participated in everything from teaching students history through spoken word poetry, mentoring in creative writing, hosting workshops, performing at k-12 schools and colleges—– even coaching students in an annual high school poetry competition. Musically, I also teach studio production, beat-making and recording.

About the Work

I am a published poet, author, writer (film and otherwise), producer of music and film, live performances artist (music and theater), songwriter, and storyteller.

Paducah Creative & Cultural Council | Anita Rodriguez


  • Market House Theatre
  • Yeiser Art Center
  • Paducah School of Art & Design
  • Paducah Writer’s Group
  • West Kentucky Community & Technical College
  • Other


  • Private Studio


  • Teaching Opportunities
  • Performance Booking
  • Mentorship
  • Commissions
  • Art Festivals
  • Information on grant funding
  • Art residency programs



(270) 816-4600

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